Police Agency Procedures and Police Patrol Related Procedures

Adherence to basic and advanced training and agency standard operating procedures ensures that routine police responsibilities are consistently completed to their fullest appropriate ends.  Deviation from training and policies often leads to a sub-standard work product that is detrimental to advancing initial call for police service assignment.  The public’s perception of an inattentive or uncaring police officer and a lackadaisical effort to conduct “minor” investigations raises a multitude of concerns regarding competency and trust. 

The Westfield Investigative Group, LLC offers consultative services regarding the routine activities completed by police officers conducting patrol related duties.  In spite of not possessing the specialized training or the experience had by detectives, patrol officers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that appropriately gathers and analyzes facts and information and sets in motion a more detailed investigation requiring specialized police personnel.  Our consultative services include:

  • Appropriate methods of motor vehicle accident investigation
  • Appropriate methods of investigations involving crimes against persons and crimes against property
  • Report writing
  • Police officer conduct while conducting roadway work zone activities
  • Non-emergency operation of a police vehicle
  • Citizen interactions

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