A Retired New Jersey State Trooper Owned Business

The Westfield Investigative Group LLC is a full service accident investigation and reconstruction firm offering specialized and general vessel and motor vehicle accident investigation, reconstruction and consultation services to the legal community, insurance industry and public and private sectors.

We specialize in investigations of pleasure vessel and emergency vehicle related accidents and incidents, as well as the investigation of police vehicular pursuits. 

We also offer consultative services regarding adherence to the ordinary practices of pleasure boaters and the methods and tactics used by police officers responsible for patrol related duties.  We offer consultative services regarding the New Jersey State Police and other police agencies.  Our consultative services include:

  • Boating safety course curriculum
  • Captaincy and seamanship matters
  • Emergency vehicle accidents and police pursuits
  • Police patrol related procedures
  • New Jersey State Police administrative and operational procedures
  • Commuter bus accidents
  • School crossing guard accidents

The Westfield Investigative Group LLC is a member of and accredited by major motor vehicle and vessel accident reconstruction and investigative associations.  We adhere to “best practices” in all services provided.