Boating Safety Course

boating safety courseMany states require that anyone who is powering a vessel or personal watercraft should have successfully completed the boating safety coarse. Many things that the coarse will cover includes understanding your vessel, responsibilities and tasks required before getting underway, safe vessel operation, navigation rules familiarization, legal requirements  of boating, and the handling of boating emergencies. If you are located in North Eastern United States, contact us to find out more about our Boating Safety Courses. Statistics show that boaters that take a class on safety experience far less accidents and troubles on the water.

With boating safety it’s important to think about the steps you need to take to ensure that an accident does not happen. It’s also wise to consider things that you might need to not do. The operator of the vessel normally has actions or inactions that effect the severity of the accident that might occur. The course also offers scenario based discussions, and how the vessel operators actions can proceed to an accident. We can effectively explain to a jury, an insurer, or any other entity what was gone over in the coarse and what the graduate was required to do to successfully complete the boating safety course.