Accident Investigation Report

Westfield Investigative Group, LLC handles quickly and efficiently accident investigation reports. If you are in NJ, NY or PA and have experienced an accident involving a motorist, emergency vehicles or police pursuing criminals, hazardous roadway, marine or personal watercraft, we may be able to help you.  We gather evidence discretely and document all relevant information related to the accident or incident. In most cases, an accident investigation report is crucial to the legal process.

The Accident Investigation Report is completed and submitted to proper authorities, and the investigation is not complete without this report. Depending on the investigation, you will have to fill out special report, or the investigation may require a extended report. The information in the report is very helpful in getting all the information necessary for the formal report. Some of the information that might be on the report would include: background information, account of accident (what happened), discussion on how and why it happened (analysis), and any recommendations to prevent a recurrence.

Contact Westfield Investigative Group, LLC if you need investigation services related to automobile accidents, construction and hazardous work related accidents, dangerous roadway incidents and other types of events. We operate in NJ, NY, and PA and have considerable expertise in accident reconstruction and investigation.